November 25, 2015

Training Tips: How to do the Dumbbell Squat

The Dumbbell Squat exercise is an extremely simple drill that can help you enhance both lower body (quad) and core strength. Use a single dumbbell or double up for a greater challenge! The Dumbbell Squat has a few advantages over your standard Barbell Front or Back Squat. For one, the weight is not supported by your back or shoulders, meaning that you have greater upper body activation and an increased demand for core stability. While […]
November 4, 2015

Training Tips: How to do the Suitcase Deadlift

The Suitcase Deadlift is an excellent deadlift variation that offers the same benefits of the standard Barbell Deadlift, but also allows you to use alternate implements like kettlebells, dumbbells, or hex bars. Unlike the standard deadlift, the Suitcase Deadlift positions the weight parallel to your feet. This allows for a neutral grip position, which is a stronger position for people to lift in most cases. It follows many of the same lifting cues as the […]
October 16, 2015

Training Tips: How to do the Farmer Walk

The Farmer Walk is an iconic strongman training drill. While it looks straight forward (pick up the weight and walk with it), there are some key points that will help you get the most benefit from this extremely functional exercise. Use these cues to up your Farmer Walk game and start moving more weight farther.
March 6, 2015

Can’t Squat or Deadlift? 4 Alternative Leg Strengthening Training Tips

Leg training - Heavy squats and deadifts are key movement patterns and have been proven strength and mass builders for as long as humans have lifted...