June 21, 2016

What’s the Best Form of Cardiovascular Exercise?

Cardiovascular or cardio exercise…some people relish in it, while others avoid it at all costs. Cardio definitely has many health benefits and should always be a regular part of your workout regimen. Many people who are only interested in building muscle often opt out of cardio altogether due to being able to shed excess body fat through diet alone; this is definitely a mistake as cardiovascular health is put into jeopardy. On the other end […]
June 5, 2016

Make Gains Without the Gym

Take a look back through the history books and you’ll find plenty of men built from strong stuff. The Vikings… the Spartans… in Rome, there were the Legionnaires and gladiators… the Maori warriors of New Zealand… even warriors from the more successful African tribes. OK, so they certainly were never up to the standards of today’s elite bodybuilders (and there are factors involved there that need not be explained) but these were big, strong, powerful […]
May 15, 2016

The Truth Behind Crossfit

Crossfit is nothing short of controversial. This hybrid form of fitness has been embraced as much as it has been criticized. Often referred to as a training regime that teaches you how to do the right things the wrong way, Crossfit simply suffers from an image issue. Over-hyped videos full of prime examples of poor form permeate the landscape, making the acceptance of Crossfit an uphill battle for those outside the group fitness room.
April 18, 2016

Daniel Hayes: Olympic Boxing and Hollywood Dreams

Trinidad and Tobago Olympic hopeful, Daniel Hayes, joins Daniel Ferguson on this episode of the Sheer Strength Labs podcast. Hayes is a lifelong athlete and trains at the famous Wild Card Boxing Club in Los Angeles. Travel Hacks   Hayes maintains a high-detailed work ethic, and pays attention to detail and food and fluid intake. When he is on the road, he is mindful of adaptation and preparation. He tries to have accessibility of supplements […]