July 16, 2015

10 Ways You Are Wasting Time at The Gym

Most people don’t have a huge amount of spare time. Modern life is hectic, jobs are more stressful, there are so many things to pay for, so many things to go wrong, and you need time to kick back and relax. So, why do so many people waste so much time at the gym? There are two ways you can waste time at the gym. The first is simply by procrastinating, socializing, getting very little […]
July 13, 2015

Lauren and Fraser Bayley: Plant Strong Vegan Bodybuilders

  Lauren and Fraser Bayley used to be traditional personal trainers in big box gyms and private training studios. The pair now follow a vegan lifestyle while still maintaining awesome training routines and running their online coaching business that focuses on helping people make transformations through a plant based diet. During this episode of Sheer Strength Labs, Josh interviews Lauren and Fraser, and speaks about their transition to the vegan lifestyle and obsession with innate […]
July 11, 2015

11 Ways to Build Muscle and Lose Fat Faster

When trying to build muscle and lose fat, the key to long term results is consistency. It’s about making the right decisions day in and day out which brings you closer to your goal. It’s not always a fast process, and that can be frustrating in this modern society of instant gratification. But these 11 tips will help you maximize your efforts and achieve results faster. 1- Make sure to eat enough protein Protein is […]
June 29, 2015

Marc Mero: Steroids, Addiction, and Turning Life Around

Marc Mero wants you to gain wisdom from his mistakes. The former WWE superstar personally battled steroids, addiction, and depression, and has successfully turned his life around to become a motivational speaker. During this hard-hitting episode of Sheer Strength Labs, Josh Baker interviews Marc and discuses how we are defined by the choices we make, limitations, wisdom, happiness, and forgiveness.   About Marc Before becoming a professional wrestler at 31 years old, Marc played hockey, […]