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May 4, 2017
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Jacked Fruit and Veg

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When most people think of the bodybuilding and strength training diet, their brains automatically go to the high protein foodstuffs.

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Fish
  • Etc…

Next, they might list you a bunch of ingredients high in complex carbohydrates.

Lastly, they might begin to talk about fruit and veg. But they’re not that important, right? Not vital? Guess again.

While high-quality protein provides the building blocks of muscle, repairing and bolstering the tissues that have been stimulated by hard work.,Then mountains of pasta, rice, and potatoes provide the energy to train and recover, but they are about as much use as a waterproof teabag. Unless you add all of the other important little nutrients provided by those tasty little fruits and vegetables that color our plates.

It is the good stuff that provides the bulk of the vitamins and minerals in the healthy diet. These are the vitamins and minerals that are burned, exhausted, consumed, and spilled through our pores as we push and pull in the gym. They do all of the little jobs that don’t get the recognition. They aid with absorption of digested foods from our guts… they facilitate the transport and use of these foods to the places we need them the most… they do the clean up job after we’ve filled our systems with the harmful waste products of exercise… and they provide the environment necessary for the rejuvenation of torn muscle tissues.

Got it? But which are the best for the weight training diet? Which provide the biggest support to the quest for muscle, strength, and fitness? Which of these little goodies do you need to be adorning your plate? Let’s go…



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Fruits and vegetables are all light and fluffy… not an ounce of fat in sight…

Here’s a delicious little fruit that will help dispel that idea in a split second. Avocados are absolutely jammed with fats. Chock full of the things. 15% fat, no less.

The difference is that the vast majority of these fats are ‘GOOD FATS’. These fats actually lower blood levels of bad fats, such as cholesterol, as well as boosting the metabolism, helping to burn body fat. Add into the mix that avocados are also loaded with vitamins, and beneficial minerals, such as potassium, and you’re onto a winner.

After a tough training session, your body is in a heavily catabolic state. For optimum gains, you need to shift the scales and start recovery as soon as possible. Sheer Recovery is packed with everything you need. Add it to your post-workout stack and feel the benefits.


Let’s start with a surprising fact about broccoli… Broccoli doesn’t exist in nature, it’s actually a man-made crop, created from members of the cabbage family. So, broccoli is essentially a GMO! Shock, horror! Pffft

Broccoli is rich in many vital nutrients, including an array of vitamins and minerals, and dietary fiber. But, the reason for stuffing broccoli into your athletic diet is that it helps regulate the hormones that control recovery and muscle building. It does this by neutralizing and blocking the paths of excessive estrogens, hormones that hinder progress. This paves the way for testosterone, the undisputed king of the muscle builders.



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There’s a lot of buzz around beets at the moment.

Steering clear of the miracle working, cancer curing (which everything seems to be able to do at the moment!? Clickbait?) claims that are flying around the web, there is strong evidence that beets are extremely beneficial for athletes. Especially weight trainers.

Beets contain compounds that increase levels of nitric oxide (NO) in the muscles. NO is responsible for relaxing and dilating blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow deeper into the tissues. When combined with effective weight training, this means huge pumps. Aside from looking temporarily impressive, huge pumps mean that the muscles increase in volume, meaning that you can lift more weight, stimulate more tissue, and ultimately achieve greater results.

To dramatically accelerate this effect, add Sheer Nitro to your pre-workout nutrition. Sheer Nitro is packed with NO boosting ingredients that will give you skin shredding pumps, every time. For best results, use in conjunction with high volume training techniques.


The trusty banana is a staple of virtually every athlete’s diet. They need no introduction. Bananas make for excellent snacks, especially as part of pre and post-workout nutrition. Why?

Because they are loaded with vitamins and minerals, especially the electrolytes. Loaded with potassium, bananas help improve nerve function, delay the onset of tiredness, and improve heart function. In short, they have everything you could need to improve your workouts, including plenty of healthy fruit sugars for energy. All hail the humble banana!


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Ever heard people talk about spinach boosting iron levels?
Well, kale is actually the big daddy of the leafy vegetable world.

Iron is essential for keeping the red blood cell count, or oxygen-carrying capacity, at an optimum level. This is especially important for those who train regularly, and even more so for females.

Also jammed full of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as potassium, kale is a real super veggie.


There are few fruits more refreshing than a big, juicy, crunchy apple. You’ve heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” Well, there may be some truth in it.

Ongoing studies have found that apples contain the antioxidant, quercetin. This intriguing little molecule has been linked to anti-inflammatory actions, increased NO activity, and elevated fat burning. Apples also last a fair amount of time in the fruit bowl, so stock up and munch on.

Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potatoes are delicious. Delicious to look at, delicious to eat.

They also provide an excellent nutritional profile, and great, slow release energy. Yes, SLOW RELEASE.

Here goes another myth…

Sure, they’re called SWEET potatoes, and they taste sweeter than regular white potatoes. They even contain way more sugars than the regular spud. BUT… nutrition really isn’t that simple.

You see, due to the makeup of the sweet potato, especially its high fiber content, it is actually absorbed far slower than your standard potato. The fiber slows digestion and absorption. Of course, it depends on how you prepare them. If you cook the hell out of them and mash them to a pulp, this factor is lost, and you may as well drink a can of cola.


Watermelon is another fruit that has been shown to elevate NO levels and improve those sought after pumps in the weight room. High in citrulline (an NO precursor), watermelon is excellent for pre-workout nutrition. It is also just about the most refreshing food you can eat. Try watermelon with a little yogurt, alongside your pre-workout shake, and you’ll hit the gym raring to go.

Speaking of ‘raring to go.’ Sheer Pre-X is an extremely potent pre-workout supplement that boosts natural energy and sends NO levels skyrocketing. Add it to your stack today and reap the benefits of this scientifically engineered formula, jitter free.


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OK, so mushrooms aren’t technically a fruit or a veggie, but we all know what aisle to find them on, so here goes…

Shrooms are your friends. Mushrooms are very interesting indeed and are of great benefit to athletes.

Nutritionally speaking, the antioxidant selenium is probably the most beneficial nutrient they contain in abundance.

Mushrooms come into their own when eaten raw. Uncooked, they contain enzymes that aid the breakdown and absorption of protein from the gut. So, eating raw mushrooms will provide the body with more muscle building protein, therefore more muscle.

‘Nuff said.


Beans, beans, the glorious fruit… Well, that’s an ongoing debate… Fruit? Veggie? Neither? Irrelevant? Most bean varieties (yes, this includes the humble baked bean) are rich in every nutrient the athlete could need. Fiber… Protein… Vitamins… Minerals. They are an anabolic superfood.


Pic: chilefoundry

Chilies are amazing. Agreed? If you want to add some flavor and excitement to a dish, reach for a beautiful, ripe, fresh chili.

Not only do they add great colors and sensations to meals, they’re also a potent weapon for the serious athlete’s diet.

They are RAMMED with vitamin C, essential for cleansing and recovery. They’re also not too shabby when it comes to many other vitamins and minerals.

But, where chilies come into their own is with the molecule, capsaicin. Capsaicin is the ingredient that gives chilies their kick. It is essentially an irritant. It’s the thing that burns when you have too much. Capsaicin is also an extremely potent fat burner. It does this by boosting the metabolism by raising the internal temperature, thereby elevating the number of calories burned at rest. Chilies are a real winner.


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