December 20, 2016

6 Health Trends That Don’t Really Work and 1 That You Need to Use

Breaking health news seems to appear in the headlines on a daily basis. Every day you’ll see articles proclaiming a new solution for another common ailment. A lot of these health claims end up being bogus, while a handful actually helps people live healthier lives. It’s hard to test out every health – nor should you. Your body shouldn’t be used as a test site. So, it’s important to do your research. Save yourself from […]
December 16, 2016

7 Natural Ways to Treat Anxiety That You Can Start Using Today

Anxiety is so common in our modern society that it’s almost hard to consider it a serious problem. When you tell someone that you suffer from anxiety, they’re likely to either say that they do as well or tell you to suck it up. But, anxiety really can be a debilitating condition. If the anxiety gets to the point where it starts to interfere with your everyday lifestyle, then you know that you’ve got a […]
November 24, 2016

Cardio: Running Injuries and How to Avoid Them

  There are very few bodybuilders or strength trainers who seriously enjoy doing cardio. It’s seen as a sideshow to the main event, lifting big lumps of iron. What’s even worse is suffering a debilitating, cardio-related injury that keeps you out of the weight room for a lengthy period. However much you hate cardio, it’s an essential part of your training regime, not just for cutting fat and maintaining weight, but for your overall fitness. […]
November 17, 2016

Can You Have Your Cake And Eat It Too?

Cutting down to shredded levels is rarely easy. And often times when you talk to that shredded individual at the gym you may notice they often have varying dieting philosophies. One person may tell you to try keto and avoid all carbs like the plague while someone else says to cut down the fats and keep the carbs higher. Another may talk about intermittent fasting or carb backloading.You may even come across someone suggesting a […]