August 17, 2016

How to Meal Prep for the Week in 5 Simple Steps

How often have you used the excuse that you are too busy to eat healthy meals? One of the biggest obstacles to healthy eating is the actual meal prep. With meal prep, you should find it easier to stick to your dietary goals. You can also cut down on time spent in the kitchen, save money, and enjoy better portion control. What is meal prep? This refers to preparing some of the main ingredients for […]
July 26, 2016

The 5 Best Exercises to Build Trap Muscles

One of the most obvious signs that you put hours of hard work in the gym is sporting a set of thick trapezius muscles. Hulking traps create a powerful looking physique apparent even when fully clothed. Balanced, large trap muscles also help create that aesthetic broad-shouldered look. Keyword here is “balanced”. Large traps can also be associated with poor posture and ugly aesthetics when the muscle group is imbalanced. Additionally, scapula function is often impaired, […]
July 23, 2016

Introducing The Sheer Strength Platinum Series

It’s a new day at Sheer Strength as we are introducing our Sheer Strength Platinum Series! We have always prided ourselves on producing the most researched-backed, science-based sports nutrition products available. That is why you have made us the #1 fitness supplement brand on But late last year, we wondered, “Could we do better?” How could we improve upon a line of products that was already the best in the industry? Sure, we already […]
July 22, 2016

The Importance of Macronutrients

The human body can be an amazing machine capable of endless potential and capabilities. Like most machines, a well oiled/fueled body runs the most efficiently and produces a greater output. Fuel for the human body for energy, growth, metabolism, and many other bodily functions, come from what are called macronutrients. The word “macro” meaning large, is appropriately attributed as these types of nutrients needed in large quantities to obtain healthy bodily function. Macros provide the […]