June 11, 2016

Ryan Ferguson: Stronger, Faster, Smarter

  We meet the brand new host of the Sheer Strength Labs podcast, Ryan Ferguson. During this episode, Ryan introduces himself and talks about his book Stronger, Faster, Smarter, the 10 years he spent in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and how he came to his personal fitness philosophy. Background Ryan has always been athletic and had the ability. Other than playing basketball and tennis, he didn’t really take advantage of the physical […]
June 5, 2016

Make Gains Without the Gym

Take a look back through the history books and you’ll find plenty of men built from strong stuff. The Vikings… the Spartans… in Rome, there were the Legionnaires and gladiators… the Maori warriors of New Zealand… even warriors from the more successful African tribes. OK, so they certainly were never up to the standards of today’s elite bodybuilders (and there are factors involved there that need not be explained) but these were big, strong, powerful […]
March 14, 2016

Ben Coomber: Pros & Cons of Coffee and Eating for Performance

During this episode of Sheer Strength Labs, Josh interviews Ben Coomber, who is a nutritionist and runs Body Type Nutrition. Josh and Ben discuss the negatives and positives of caffeine, how too much coffee is affecting you throughout your day, and strategies to combat caffeine addiction. Meet Ben Coomber  Through his journey and struggle in trying to lose weight as an obese teenager, Ben found fitness and became a personal trainer. This led into the […]
March 5, 2016

12 Training Offenses That Will Have Your Gains Arrested

There are plenty of articles telling you how to improve your training and increase your gains, but not so many that point out where you might be going wrong. People don’t like to be told they are wrong, but they need to know. The cardinal sins laid out below are not just tiny problems, they are bad habits and big mistakes that can bring your development to a complete standstill. Maybe you don’t even know […]