July 22, 2016

The Best Exercises for Adding Bulk to Each Body Part

Every weight trainer goes through a stage when they simply want to add bulk to their frame. Unhappy with their current size, or perhaps stuck on a plateau, they want to add a few pounds rapidly, to fill out their physique. In fact, every serious bodybuilder, especially those who compete, know bulking cycles are an essential part of building a super impressive, and even trophy winning body. You cannot reach optimum growth while staying completely […]
July 10, 2016

 6 Most Effective Exercises For Massive Gains

There will be no big surprises here; the most effective exercises for massive gains are on the tip of your tongue, they are the biggest, heaviest, hardest lifts you perform in the gym, and they work. But why do they work? What muscles do they hit? Exactly why do they cause such a surge in growth? And are you doing them correctly? Let’s go… Squats For many people, squats are the most dreaded of all […]
June 25, 2016

Top 9 Tips for Building Huge Legs

‘Never skip leg day’ has become a gym mantra, and thank heavens for that! Nobody wants to see so many top-heavy guys with no wheels! But overall, legs still don’t seem to get the same focus at the gym as do showy, attention-grabbing muscles like the pecs, shoulders and arms. There is still a tendency toward developing top heavy physiques designed to look good out on the town. Legs are tricky muscles to build. Used […]
June 21, 2016

What’s the Best Form of Cardiovascular Exercise?

Cardiovascular or cardio exercise…some people relish in it, while others avoid it at all costs. Cardio definitely has many health benefits and should always be a regular part of your workout regimen. Many people who are only interested in building muscle often opt out of cardio altogether due to being able to shed excess body fat through diet alone; this is definitely a mistake as cardiovascular health is put into jeopardy. On the other end […]