December 15, 2014

Shred Your Way to Longevity: How You’re Failing Your Body

Josh discusses how you can achieve longevity and why it is important. This podcast covers how you can safely plan your program, the sorts of goals you should look to be attaining while still having balance in your life.
December 13, 2014

How to Build Muscle

Your muscles respond best to frequency if you are talking about strength and size gains, and to train frequency you need to be...
December 10, 2014

One Superfood You’re Not Taking…But Should Be!

One standout superfood helps me in each of these categories. Aside from its clear health and wellness benefits, it is made by the earth and not in a lab...
December 10, 2014

Ben Greenfield: The Truth About Eating Low Carb

Ben Greenfield is a former body-builder who also participated in Iron Man's over the past decade. He is a proponent of a low carb lifestyle. Josh and Ben will discuss the pros and cons of a low carb lifestyle as well as the science behind it.