March 14, 2015

How Working Out Can Boost Your Sex Drive

The libido is a persons sex drive or overall desire for sexual activity. This is usually determined by biological, sociological or psychological factors. The male libido is highly determined by the level of testosterone that a male develops. Now as we all may know, a male starts to develop testosterone from around the age of 12, this development of testosterone will help to determine the deepness of the voice, bone mass, muscle development, and body […]
March 6, 2015

Can’t Squat or Deadlift? 4 Alternative Leg Strengthening Training Tips

Leg training - Heavy squats and deadifts are key movement patterns and have been proven strength and mass builders for as long as humans have lifted...
March 2, 2015

Alessandro Gibilaro: The Truth About Protein

What is the truth on how much protein you need to build the muscle that you are looking for? On this episode of Sheer Strength, Josh chats with Alessandro Gibilaro, who is a mathematician turned natural body builder, performance nutritionist, celebrity trainer, online coach, and is studying for his masters in sports nutrition. What is Protein? Protein is a macronutrient compromised of calories and is crucial for muscle. If your body doesn’t have enough protein […]
February 27, 2015

3 Exercises That Get You Herculean Hamstrings

Well-developed hamstrings can make the difference between winning and losing, whether it’s on the bodybuilding stage, the powerlifting platform or...