January 11, 2018

Competition Prep Series: The Cut

So you have finished your offseason and gained lots of quality muscle while shoving your face full of food. Energy levels were high, you felt like you could lift more weight every time you went to the gym, and you probably were in a pretty good mood all the time. Well, that’s all gone now. The 12-16 week cutting phase is about grit. A certain amount of suffering is required to get to contest level […]
January 4, 2018

Competition Prep Series: Peak Week

So you have spent six months bulking and three months cutting to bring a full and shredded look to the stage. Now you are only a week away from showing your hard work off in front of everyone, and there are an overwhelming number of protocols out there that claim they are the secret to coming in perfect on stage. In reality, you should have already put in all the hard work. Peak week is […]
December 14, 2017

How To Get More Depth In Your Squat

We’ve all seen that guy at the gym loading plates up on the squat rack only to proceed to barely bend his knees and drop his butt just a few inches. After a couple “squats” he re-racks the bar and grunts loudly so everyone can see how much weight he has on the bar. Don’t be that guy. The amount of weight on the bar means nothing if it is not taken through a full […]
October 19, 2017

Squats vs. Hip Thrusts

As a training enthusiast you are well aware of the critical role that lower body training plays in your overall routine. The sweep of a strong set of hamstrings and quadriceps, capped off by a set of powerful glutes, are markers of an educated and experienced lifter. However, when it comes to two characteristic lower body exercises – the squat and the hip thrust – which is best? Which exercise will reign victorious in the […]