February 11, 2016

6 Exercises You Should Avoid

There is a vast array of equipment in a modern gym, from standard free weights to machines that have you scratching your head in amazement. New techniques and takes on old favorites are being invented all of the time. Sometimes it feels like personal trainers are trying to come up with the wackiest variation in some secret competition. “Hey if you stand on this while lifting that kettlebell with one hand, arching your back, and […]
February 6, 2016

Great Shoulder Exercises You Probably Don’t Do

The shoulders are one of the most important muscle groups in any bodybuilder or physique athlete’s cannon. They are solely responsible for adding width to the frame, subsequently being vitally important in the battle for the highly sought after V-shape. But people often forget just how sophisticated the tissues of this area of the body are. The three deltoid heads surround the shoulder complex, a name not to be taken lightly. The aptly named complex […]
February 4, 2016

27 Top Fitness Tips to Kick Some Butt in 2016

Here are some great tips to help you improve your health, strength, physique, and fitness, whatever your goals may be. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or new to exercise, these handy hints will help you hit your targets in 2016. 1- Make Time You must make time to train. This is especially important if you already lead a busy, hectic life. Set a time for training and stick to it. Try to fit in an […]
January 28, 2016

5 Leg Training Tips to Maximize Gains and Minimize Injury

Leg day! This tends to be either a bodybuilder’s absolute favorite workout day or their most dreaded. Often the mental part of leg day is the toughest so make sure to do whatever it takes to get amped up for what’s to come. Use visualization techniques, set goals for the workout, watch the video of Ronnie Coleman screaming “Lightweight!” while front squatting 720 lbs, and consume a good pre-workout boost, so you walk into the […]