September 19, 2015

Get Stacked Without Steroids

Everybody who wants to get seriously stacked has heard of steroids. They are increasingly common in gyms around the world, and there is no point in beating around this particular bush; their effects are potent and extremely noticeable. Who do virtually all bodybuilders of all experience levels, admire? The pros. The huge guys (and gals) at the top of the sport. The real muscular freaks who continuously push the boundaries of what the human body […]
September 17, 2015

Muscle Building Nutrition: What, When and How Much?

Most people who train for strength and muscle gain, know the nutrition is just as important as the iron. Fueling your body with the right nutrients allows it to rebuild bigger and stronger. There are no miracle nutrients, they are all the things you’ve eaten all your life, you just need them in different quantities, and almost as importantly, at certain times. Without proper nutrition, your gains will fade away to nothing in no time. […]
September 10, 2015

5 Advanced Bodyweight Exercises to Build Whole Body Strength

If you were to ask any big hulking guy at the gym what exercises to use to build up whole body strength, you would likely get similar responses. Squats, deadlifts, push press, maybe even a power clean or other Olympic lifts. While these are good responses, the truth is you can use bodyweight exercises to achieve the same effect. Not only can you build total body strength using bodyweight movements, but there are other benefits […]
September 3, 2015

Stay Grounded for a Bigger, Safer, More Effective Bench Press

The bench press is the king of upper body exercises; it’s the one lift universally compared and used as a measure of overall strength, and it stacks on some serious muscle. Benching activates a massive amount of muscle fibers, including the entire chest, the intercostals, and the often-forgotten serratus anterior. It also activate the delts, and the triceps. What people don’t realise is the bench press also works the lats, traps, and core, as well […]