November 26, 2015

Is Your Chest Training Lagging?

Chest day probably ranks as the most popular training day on the planet. Most bodybuilders want a thick, strong chest, because it adds a lot of size and presence to the physique. And let’s face it… the ladies seem to love it. But is your chest lagging behind the rest of your physique? Have you tried everything and still can’t get the gains you’re after? You’ve tried doing 40 sets of bench press and it […]
November 21, 2015

3 Easy Steps to Become More Effective at Every Exercise

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was the reigning Mr. Olympia, he once said that he would get more out of performing a single set than most people would get out of their entire workout. Part of this was mental and being able to push himself harder. The other part was that Arnold also understood how to squeeze the most out of every exercise. Two people may be doing the same exercise; however one person may be using […]
November 19, 2015

4 Essential Grip Strength Exercises

Nothing says “I’m weak” like a limp handshake. Even so, most guys never even think about training their grip strength! Check out these 3 essential grip strength exercises that everyone should be busting out at least a few times a week.
November 19, 2015

5 Simple Mouth-Watering Recipes that Promote Lean Muscles

Cooking can be considered a lost art in our on the go society. This may result in many bodybuilders eating loads of processed foods that can cause GI distress, inflammation, and high insulin levels. While there are many who prep their meals in advance, they are often lacking flavor and variety. Here are 5 recipes that you can use to create balanced, nutritious and delicious meals to break the monotony of chicken and broccoli: The Slow […]