January 28, 2016

5 Leg Training Tips to Maximize Gains and Minimize Injury

Leg day! This tends to be either a bodybuilder’s absolute favorite workout day or their most dreaded. Often the mental part of leg day is the toughest so make sure to do whatever it takes to get amped up for what’s to come. Use visualization techniques, set goals for the workout, watch the video of Ronnie Coleman screaming “Lightweight!” while front squatting 720 lbs, and consume a good pre-workout boost, so you walk into the […]
January 23, 2016

Why Men Are Failing At Building Strength

Aside from the primary focus of such a journey specifically being the pursuit of physical strength, many guys miss the mark on addressing their training...
January 14, 2016

10 Pre Workout Snacks to Fuel Your Body for Optimal Strength Training

You won’t always be able to time and eat the perfect meal 2 hours before your workout starts. And things like high sugar sports drinks aren’t the best option. They can cause a sugar overload and you could experience a crash halfway through your workout. Sometimes you just need a little snack 30-60 minutes before to fuel you for an intense session. What you consume will be dictated by your current goals and preferred macronutrient […]
January 7, 2016

Build Muscle Faster by Working Out With Your Significant Other

Sometimes we all need a little help in the gym, and a workout partner allows you to reach levels of intensity that may not be achievable on your own. Who better to motivate and inspire you than your significant other? If your partner in the gym also happens to be your partner in life, you will not only strengthen your body but also the bond you share. Some of you may think you would never […]